Associated RC10B74 Differential Set, center

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The center diff allows the vehicle to distribute power from the motor to the front and rear driveline variably, which can provide more grip. The balance of front-to-rear drives can be tuned using various Factory Team diff fluids. 

  • 2x Differential Cross Pins 
  • 1x Differential Case, center 
  • 1x Differential Cap, center 
  • 2x Differential Outdrives, center 
  • 1x Center Gear Diff Spur Gear, 72T 
  • 1x Center Gear Diff Spur Gear, 78T 
  • 4x Diff T-Nut Washers, 2.55x6.1x.2 
  • 2x Shims, 5mm x 12mm x 0.2mm 
  • 2x Dowel Pins 2x9mm 
  • 4x Screws, M3x0.5x8mm BHCS 
  • 4x Screws, M2.5x0.45x8mm FHCS, black 
  • 2x O-Rings, 5x1.5mm 
  • 2x Gear Differential Sun Gears 
  • 4x Gear Differential Planet Gears 
  • 1x Differential Gasket