Arrowmax 4D Set-Up System for 1/10 Touring Cars with Bag 2022 (2pcs)

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All-new 4D setup system. It is important to have the best and most precise setup system. The redesigned 4D Set-up System allows you to comfortably measure and adjust camber, caster, toe-in/out, track width and steering throw symmetry. And It suits all of 1/10 onroad car.

In the past year, we have witnessed the on-going touring car trend moving towards using the pivot ball system. With that, we have decided to redesign a completely new system. The innovation allows user to measure and adjust the caster angle with ease.

Another key element we have added is for users to measure the track width using the 4D setup system. The built-in ruler allows user to check the distance between the hexes, resulting in a much better understanding of their car setup.

The reading of toe-in/out are now measured on the laser-engraved 7075 CNC body without the long and bulky acrylic plate. Giving a much precise measurement.

The whole system is very small, light, and are designed with a purpose to improve the quality of life. Storage and transportation becomes less of a hassle.

  • Lower plate x2
  • Setup stations x4 
  • M4 aluminium Lock Nut x4