Awesomatix C01B-XA-LA Soft Alu 2.0mm Lower Deck + C04M1-LA Long Arm Set (4pcs)

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This Chassis replaces C01B-XA. It's the same material (2,0mm Soft Alu), only with 4 additional holes, to allow the use of the optional LA-Arms. 
It still allows the use of all the "Std" arms, but features the holes to allow the use of LA-Arms also.

Set of 2 front (C04M1+9.0) and 2 rear (C04M1+8.0) arms.
INFO: Only suitable for following Chassis -> C01B-X-LA / C01B-XA-LA  / C01B-XAH-LA / C01B-X-MM

The use of LA Arms will improve stability of the Car in every situation. Basically the Car will be more easy in handling and more consistent over the full runtime.
This Arms were used by our Team drivers at the past Races already and proved with multiple A-Mains at ETS and European Championship the speed and advantage of this Arms.