Corally Ultra V+ Silicone Wire - Super Flexible - Black and Red - 12AWG (2x1m)

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The ultimate silicone wire for race applications. This silicone wire is specially developed for Corally with racers in mind, it is so flexible that it feels like a wet noodle! Especially in 1/12 and 1/10 pan car type cars, the Ultra V+ silicone wire will not limit the working of the rear motor pod. The strand thickness of only 0.05mm make the wire ultra flexible, can handle more current for the same wire gauge thickness and most important due to the lower internal resistance the voltage remain higher.The highest grade of copper and pure silicone insulation provide maximum power and easy soldering.

  • Strands copper thickness 0.05mm
  • 70% more strands then normal silicone wire
  • Lower internal resistance
  • Lower voltage loss
  • Extreme flexible
  • Capable of higher currents for same wire gauge.
  • Pre-tinned copper wire for easy soldering
  • Thinner silicon insulation for even more flexibility
  • 12 AWG = 3.30mm2
  • 1731 strands of 0.05mm
  • Outer diameter only 4.5mm