Hobbywing WiFi Express Smartphone ESC Module

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The ESC can now use a wireless connection via the use of the HW WiFi express module for the following operating systems ; iOS/Android phone (using the HW LINK APP) users can easily and remotely (without leaving the control stand) program the ESC parameters displayed on the smart phone to their own preference.

For iOS, please download the App by the keyword "HW Link" or "Hobbywing" in Apple App Store. For Android, for now please download the app from www.hobbywing.com website.

Note: The App for Android will be coming soon.


Intuitive Interface:

The Wifi Module is a complete different concept from the way the HOBBYWING LCD program box works, all the parameters of the wifi module are displayed all in one via the graphical and interactive interface with dropdown menu's and scroll bars. Now users can program their ESC in a much more user friendly interface without delay.


Firmware Update:

With this WiFi module, the end users can easily and promptly update the firmware of their ESC via their smart phone (with the HW LINK APP), which eliminates the use and carriage of a laptop pc.



·         XERUN series & EZRUN series of car ESCs

·         Other ESCs which are compatible with HOBBYWING multifunction LCD program box