LRP Double-Charging Lead - 4mm/5mm 2S LiPo Hardcase incl. EHR Balancing Adapter

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The duo charging cable is ideal for use due to its total length of 60cm and is equipped with high-quality 4mm/5mm gold contact plugs. The highly flexible Silicon-Flex cables are now held together by a black fabric hose and are thus improved both visually and in handling and additionally protected.

The clou about the plug: at the front it has a diameter of 4mm and then widens to 5mm diameter. Due to this design, older batteries with 4mm sockets as well as the new generation with 5mm sockets can be charged easily and without problems.

On the charger side the cable comes with solid 4mm gold contact plugs. An EHR-Balancer on 2mm gold contact connector is already integrated.

So this charging cable fits without further balancer board also to our Pulsar Touch and other chargers with EHR socket.