LRP Graphene-3 Stock Spec Shorty 4800mAh 7.6V 2S 130C/65C HV LiPo (5mm, 210g)

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Battery with the lowest IR in our Shorty Lineup! If you can get enough runtime out of it - this pack is your choice for maximum power.

Graphene-3 reduces the internal resistance of the cells and ensures less heating under load. This guarantees maximum performance over the entire duration of the race.

The High Voltage technology achieves maximum power through the use of HV-LiPo cells. These cells can also be charged up to 4.35V/cell without any problems. For charging up to 4.20V/cell, the new cell generation is characterized by a significantly improved service life.

The P5 gold contact connector system leads to a reduced resistance due to a larger contact area.

Dimensions97.0 x 47.0 x 25.1 mm