LRP Vector X20 BL StockSpec - 17.5T + 30° fixed Timing Sensor Set

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Based on the extremely successful Vector X20 Modified Brushless motors, LRP developed special Stock racing motors. Innovative features like the dual axis balanced dynamic rotor, finely adjustable five-step timing or the optimised compact stack for better drive feeling and higher efficiency have been taken over to the X20 StockSpec. 

The motors are available in the specific windings for Stock racing. They are extremely powerful, low maintenance and comply to the rules of the international and national Stock classes. 

Highest output from Blue is Better! 

Complying with the rules of the following federations: IFMAR / EFRA / DMC / BRCA / JMRCA


  • Advanced StockSpec magnet - Race-legal high-strength magnet for maximum performance
  • XTEC X20 Coolmax housing - Machined 7075-T6 aluminium can with maximum cooling for lowest running temperatures
  • Dynamic balanced StockSpec rotor - Dual axis balanced 12.5mm sintered StockSpec rotor for maximum power and highest efficiency
  • Optimised racing stack - Optimised packed stack for improved drive feel and efficiency
  • Waterproof preciSensor™ system - Fully waterproof precise sensor positioning for best power, throttle feel and efficiency. Fully adjustable and replaceable
  • Easy-Tech features - Black coated shaft and magnet, laser-engraved turns and rotor, sealed winding
  • 5 timing inserts - Finer timing adjustments, inserts now with degree markings
  • Oversized ABEC 5 ball-bearings - Larger sized ABEC 5 bearings for maximum durability
  • O-ring dampening - For vibration-free operation even under highest rpms
  • EasySolder design - Heavy copper, 6-layer PCB for lowest resistance
  • World‘s winning motor technology


Power192 W
Magnet materialSintered 12.45mm
Specific rpm per volt, kV2.200
Voltage input3.7 - 11.1 V
WindingStar (Multistrand Copper Winding)
Weight165 g

Fixed Timing:

Equal opportunities and fairness are the guiding ideas of race series all over the world – no matter, if on club, local, regional, National or International levels.

Unfortunately, there are always some drivers trying to get an advantage from manipulating the car or its electronics equipment. 

Therefore, LRP has developed the new LRP X12/X20 30° Fixed Timing Sensor Set consisting of motor end cover and sensor unit. With the new set, there is no cheating possible anymore! Once prescribed in a race series, 100% fair racing is guaranteed and technical inspection is much easier.