Mibosport Cup season 18/19 review

Mibosport Cup season 18/19 review

1. 3. 2019

The 2018/19 Mibosport Cup held its season finishing final round last weekend with the series attracting a total of 414 drivers of which 229 attended in the off-road classes while the on-road categories drew a total of 185 entries. This season drivers from 12 countries including Czechia, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Great Britain, Estonia, Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria and Canada made their way to the Hotel-Sport in Hrotovice.

Must be retrieved also record of attended drivers, it is amount 261 racers which was achieved on last race - Big Final of the season. It is a milestone written to history of Mibosport Cup serial.

2wd Buggy Modified

Overall 105 drivers attended the 2wd Buggy Modified class with three different winners in five events. Michal Orlowski won the opening round with Hupo Hönigl coming out successful at the second event. The third, fourth and fifth rounds were won by Martin Bayer. In spite of such situation, it was quite clear that the battle for the overall victory will be between Hupo Hönigl and Martin Bayer. Last race decided, also thanks to double points. The top podium spot went to Martin Bayer then ahead of Hupo – both of which changed chassis brands during the season.

  1. Martin Bayer
  2. Hupo Hönigl
  3. Aleš Bidovský
  4. Max Götzl
  5. Adam Izsay
  6. Jiří Mára
  7. Philipp Märzinger
  8. Marek Schiller
  9. Zsolt Bajusz
  10. Roland Hauleitner

4wd Buggy Modified

A total of 88 drivers attended the 4wd Buggy Modified class which almost took the same direction as the 2wd Buggy Modified class with three different winners in five races. The first round was won by Michal Orlowski, the second one and fourth one by Hupo Hönigl and Martin Bayer won the third and last round. It made Martin Bayer overall winner ahead of Hupo.

  1. Martin Bayer
  2. Hupo Hönigl
  3. Max Götzl
  4. Aleš Bidovský
  5. Adam Izsay
  6. Zsolt Bajusz
  7. Jiří Mára
  8. Bartlomiej Kramza
  9. Kurt Rubik
  10. Roland Hauleitner

2wd Buggy Stock

25 drivers attended this growing up class during whole season. Overall win took Pepa Vích ahead of his two sons Matěj and Adam Vích on second and third place.

  1. Pepa Vích
  2. Matěj Vích 
  3. Adam Vích

Stadium Truck

Total of 11 drivers attended new class Stadium Truck where was dominating Jiří Rybák ahead of Philipp Märzinger and Christian Wukonig.


A total of 27 drivers attended the touring car Modified class with Zdenko Kunak becoming the overall winner. Whole season was in the spirit of battles following three drivers. Zdenko showed up his power by winning 4 from 5 races. Then Oliver Havránek finished second ahead of second round winner Matěj Šulc. A main was very consistent during all season without any drivers changes.

  1. Zdenko Kunák
  2. Oliver Havránek
  3. Matěj Šulc
  4. Andreas Stiebler
  5. Kuba Šimurda

Stock LRP

57 drivers attended the Stock LRP with Oliver Havránek dominating the class winning all rounds except R1 when first place took Tom Krägefski. Behind the Oli finished Marton Tóth and Lukasz Mach. Unlike the Modified class the Stock LRP A main had different composition of drivers every single race.

  1. Oliver Havránek
  2. Marton Tóth
  3. Lukasz Mach
  4. Radko Černohous
  5. Tono Sloboda


The Formula class attracted 54 drivers overall ahead with Lukáš Hoch. Lukáš took win in fourth and fifth race and thanks to double points at Big Final he got overall win. Second position took Andreas Stiebler with win from first three races. Third place took Herbert Weber.

  1. Lukáš Hoch
  2. Andreas Stiebler
  3. Herbert Weber
  4. Thomas Dvorszky
  5. Aleš Horák

1/10 GT Pancar

A total of 20 drivers attended the 1/10 GT Pancar class brought overall win to Igor Lipták with 4 won races (from 5). Martin Zvára took second position with win from fourth race. Marek Helbich finish behind his back on third place.

  1. Igor Lipták
  2. Martin Zvára
  3. Marek Helbich

1/12 Pancar

The 1/12 Pancar class attracted 18 drivers overall with one absolute winner. It is Tomáš Lipták with win from all five races! Branislav Panak pushed hard to get second place and Martin Zvára finished third.

  1. Tomáš Lipták
  2. Branislav Panak
  3. Martin Zvára