Michal Bok's FWD setup from Mibosport Cup R1

Michal Bok's FWD setup from Mibosport Cup R1

24. 10. 2019

As you might have noticed, Michal Bok has attended first race of Mibosport Cup in new popular FWD class. Michal was racing with Awesomatix A800FXA 1/10 Front-Wheel Drive Touring Car - Alu Lower Deck Version. Now we bring you complete setup from his mechanic Petr Grof.

Petr says:

The building of car was very precize, much more precize than other cars I have ever built. It's unique construction and the build will help you understand how this machine works.

I have started with recommended setup from Max Machler, but I have knew that the tires will be totally different so I have decided to change some things like roll center or diff oil.

At first round of practise the car was very agressive, Michal had over steering and in rear unstable car so I have decided to change rear camber. It helped a lot but still not ok. Next step was changing rollcenter, flex, weight distribution and radio settings. After a few laps it was the fastest car on the track. It was pleasure to watch nice Michal's clear laps. The car was the most stable car on the track with very good cornerspeed.


  • Radio Settings: D/R 80-85%; Expo steering -15%
  • Use threatlock to all screws in aluminium parts.
  • Don't use extra weight in rear, the car is much more unstable, try to get it in the front.
  • Move body 3mm to the front (we used Bittydesign HC-F).
  • Check tweak.
  • Use heavy battery, the car is perfectly balanced.
  • After every run check screws if they are tight.

Enjoy your driving!

Petr Grof / Mibo Driver / Mechanic

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