New features of MIBO

New features of MIBO

16. 8. 2018

New e-shop is here. And it means many new features and useful functions for you. To make your move from old shop to the new one more comfortable, we prepared quick overview of good-to-know information. Hope it will help you during time spent in our brand new e-shop.

Welcome at MIBO 2.0!

Second menu

To make your shopping more comfortable, we have prepared new menu. Now you can choose If you want to search products through left menu, where you find brands as the way you're used to or NEWLY through top menu where the products are sorted by type. Just choose type of product you need and see full offer across many brands.


Loyalty program

We are happy to introduce you our brand new loyalty program which will rewards you for your purchases. More about loyalty program here.


Product alerts

Is your favorite product out of stock? There is no easier way than turn on notifications and we will let you know when product is back in stock. There are 2 options how to do that: in catalogue click on „Waiting list“ and insert your e-mail or in product detail fill in e-mail into field under availability.


Improved user portal

Whole new user account brings you completely user-friendly interface with many new functions. Now you can add more addresses and manage initials, check your loyalty points or control user notifications. Simple as never before!


New deliveries overview

Wanna knew what deliveries are on the way or just arrived? See our new info board on the homepage, it’s called „On the way / Just arrived“. There you can see all expecting / received deliveries.


Updated Just arrived category

We have made small but important adjustment in Just arrived category. Now it is „Just arrived (last 7 days)“ where every single product is shown for 7 days. Reason of this change is to provide you enough time to see that product is back in stock.


Brand new Special sets category

All combos and special sets you can easily find also in new category „Special sets“ placed in left menu. Now we will bring you more and more combos & sets, so stay tuned.


New Sales / Used category

As you can know Outlet from old e-shop, we have transformed this category into „Sales / Used“. There you will find products with special prices and also some used stuff. But don’t worry, every used product will have own special label, so there will be no problem to recognize them.


More products

When the new e-shop is finally out, we are working on offer expanding. Awesomatix or SRT servos are already available, but many other brands are coming. Stay tuned, we believe everyone will find their favorite product or brand.



Finally we can write blogs. News, set-ups, race reports, galleries and more in one place. Hope it will be helpful and useful feature for you. Blog overview is placed on homepage and also fix link you can find in footer of the website.