New firmware for Sanwa M17 is here!

New firmware for Sanwa M17 is here!

30. 5. 2019

Sanwa has introduced all new firmware for their M17 transmitter. Firmware SXR - Sanwa Xtreme Response - is the best response mode for FH5U which extremely increase operation performance. SXR provides the most smooth feeling ever.

Download firmware:


Update contents are in the below:

Installed "FH5U"


※During using "FH5U", telemetry function and SSL function cannot be used. 

Steps for M17 firmware update:
  1. Download the firmware Ver.1.01.06. and unzip folder.
  2. Please make "M17" folder in root directory if Micro SDHC card never use for M17. Then, make "update" folder in M17 folder.
  3. Save unzipped "M17.prg" and "M17.res" in the "update" folder
  4. Insert the micro SD card to M17. (Please take care of Micro SD direction)
  5. Go to SYSTEM menu and choose SD-CARD.
  6. Click to FIRMWARE and enter [UPDATE].
  7. Display "UPDATE OK?" and choose "YES"
  8. Start Update and wait until finish

* In case of updating, sometimes M17 will be turned off three times during the updating. Please turn on the power button if display was black out. (DO NOT take off Micro SD card). Updating will be restart. 

*Please DO NOT TURN OFF M17 or DO NOT TAKE OFF Micro SD Card during update.

*Please DO NOT UPDATE in case of LOW BATTERY. 

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