New Yokomo YZ-2T Truck and all parts IN STOCK

New Yokomo YZ-2T Truck and all parts IN STOCK

4. 10. 2018

Based on the IFMAR World Championship winning YZ-2 platform comes Yokomo’s all-new YZ-2T 1/10th scale 2WD competition racing truck kit. The truck utilises a long wheelbase chassis machined from high-grade aluminium while wide track suspension components and high-capacity big bore shock absorbers soak up any surface imperfections, ensuring optimised jumping, landing and handling characteristics in a wide range of track conditions. Newly developed carbon fibre Ackermann steering plates ensure optimised steering characteristics in combination with the wide track front suspension. The centre of the chassis sees a new battery hold down system for swift and easy battery swaps while also allowing to shift the battery forth and back by about 40mm. Additionally a new electronic mounting tray helps to provide a solid base for the receiver and speed controller, all while allowing for easy removal for cleaning or maintenance purposes. In the rear the YZ-2T features a new laydown 3-gear transmission that is ideal for all high-traction surfaces such as clay, astro turf and carpet and it comes equipped with a single style slipper clutch that can be converted to a dual style clutch using separately available option parts. The transmission is rounded out by a standard ball differential and the ability to adjust the diff height in a 3mm range in order to adapt the truck to different traction levels. Last but not least come newly designed lower shock mounts for more precise adjustments, alloy suspension mounts with inserts and a JConcepts F2 body shell that provides an aggressive look with hi-downforce features resulting in increased steering and traction.

■ RWD Racing Truck
■ LD (Laydown Dirt) 3-Gear Transmission Improves Stability
■ Easily Accessible 3 Split-Type Gear Box
■ Long & Big Bore SLF Shock Fits for Racing Truck
■ New Shock Mounting Adjustments For New Front & Rear Suspension Arms
■ New Molded Steering Bell Crank & Servo Horn
■ New Molded Battery Holder & Electronics Tray
■ Ball Differential Included
■ New Diff Height Adjustment Cam (0, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm)
■ JConcept F2 Body Included

We offer with kit extra FREE Gear Diff!

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