O.S. Max 21XR-B V3 Engine

O.S. Engine
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The sports engine incorporates the DNA of the ultra-successful O.S.Speed line, transplanted into a more budget-friendly package for the average racer. A newly designed crankshaft will improve engine response thanks to a different shape and timing while a more lightweight piston further assists with a crisp engine response on throttle input. The OSSpeed-style conrod will offer exceptional durability while a redesigned combustion camber insert optimises power supply especially in the low to medium RPM range while offering stable engine performance at high speeds. Other features include a redesigned cooling head, the engine uses the double adjustment 21 J3-1 carburettor and it comes with 6mm off-road and 7mm GT specific venturi inserts. The engine is available separately and also as buggy combo set including an EFRA2089 exhaust pipe and MB01-75 manifold.

Displacement3.49 cc
Intake ports3-port
Practical RPM range4,000 – 40,000 rpm
Max. power output2.42 hp / 34,000 rpm