ProCircuit H-Block V2 Buggy C1 (Super Soft) Pre-Mounted (Yellow, 2pcs)

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This is the H-BLOCK V2 tire from Procircuit. Like its predecessor, this tire is the evolution of the popular Sweet Shot. It offers drivers a tread pattern with a lot of forward traction across a wide variety of loose dirt track surfaces before layout starts compacting and cleaning up providing consistent handling on low grip dirt outdoor racetracks.

With the addition of some more centre bars you can expect this tire to deliver the power to the ground with higher durability. The new lateral V-shaped pins substantially improve the lateral grip. Also, the pin bending has improved thanks to the extension of some pins and therefore it provides higher traction.

The V2 series features a new insert to better fit the new tire structure improving the overall performance with more consistent handling in the bumps, effortless jumping and an easy to drive feeling.