PHUB Magic Grip (Pink) Tyre Additive

PHUB RC Innovations
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Coming from PHub is their new “pink” Magic Grip traction compound for on-road rubber tyres. Tested by top-level drivers like Ronald Völker, David Ronnefalk and Viljami Kutvonen the tyre sauce will offer the highest possible traction without having to fear traction rolling. It is usable on a wide range of track conditions, ranging from low to high grip with the overall amount of grip available being adjusted by the application time before run. Applied ten minutes before a run the traction compound is is ideal for high-grip tracks while extending the application time to 20 minutes will make it suitable for low grip tracks. The tyre sauce comes in handy 60ml bottles.

  • All new special developed and tested formula
  • One additive for all conditions
  • Highest traction possible with lowest chance of traction roll
  • Tested and developed by top drivers like Ronald Völker, David Ronnefalk and Viljami Kutvonen

Grip level table:
Additive timeLow grip trackMedium grip trackHigh grip track
10 minX
15 minX
20 minX