Power HD B7 PRO Low Profile (0.055s/13.0kg/7.4V) Brushless Servo

Power HD
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Power HD have introduced their new B7 Revolution HV low-profile brushless servo. At 7.4V input the high-voltage compatible servo pulls up to 13kg-cm of torque at a speed of down to 0.055s. It comes with a short, black colour 80mm wire for factory looks and a steel gear set for durability and it weighs in at 47g. It was developed with both 1/10th on-road and off-road applications in mind.

Torque (6.0V)10.0 kg-cm (138.8 oz/in)
Torque (7.4V)13.0 kg-cm (180.5 oz/in)
Speed (6.0V)0.065 sec
Speed (7.4V)0.055 sec
Operating Voltage6.0 ~ 8.4 DC Volts
Weight47.0 g (1.66 oz)
Bearing TypeBall Bearing x 2
Motor TypeBrushless Motor
Gear TypeTitanium & Steel
Operating Temperature-20℃~60℃
Working frequence1520μs / 333hz
Size41.0x20.0x26.4 mm ( 1.61x0.79x1.04 in)