RC Concept 1/10th Electric Motor - 5.0T

RC Concept
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The EC Motor has been tested for months in both on-road and off-road classes, in order to build a high quality motors. The results speak for itself, the all aluminum CNC machined external allowed to run at lower temp, while the low friction and low resistance internal will give you an incredible power. The sensor port will allow you to get the entire throttle and break control you will need.

The 12,5mm balance rotor will give you the perfect balance between high speed and torque.



·         Works with every ESC

·         CNC Machined Black Aluminum Can, for lower temperatures

·         12,5mm Balanced Rotor for maximum power and torque

·         High Quality stator materiels

·         High precision sensor port, for a maximum control

·         Adjustable Timing

·         Low resistance and easy solder tabs

·         Lightweight

·         Adaptable in any car

·         EOS 2016 Winner