RC Maker CentraFlex Topdeck and Post Set for Awesomatix MMCX

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Complimenting RC Maker very successful "SlimFlex" Topdeck, the CentraFlex aims to offer a larger range of flex tuning options and characteristics for the Awesomatix A800 MMCX. 

A single sided topdeck design provides a brilliant option in moving our technology forward. Conventionally in Mid Motor setups, the front of the topdeck is entirely split in order to be able to slide the topdeck over the front belt. This provides a significant amount of flex to the front of the car only, creating quite an imbalance in the topdecks flex characteristics.

The CentraFlex has been developed to slide in from the side under the belts, and due to the single sided design, can be joined in front of the spur gear to prevent excessive front topdeck and bulkhead flex, bringing back the balance of front to rear flex provided by the topdeck. As well as this, we have also added an additional post in front of the spur, to add more options when tuning your flex. By installing or removing the two ST019 screws either side of the spur gear, we can change the flex point of the car instantly, either moving it forwards or backwards to adjust the balance of the car. 

As well as this tuning option, we also have braces which can be cut on the topdeck to even further alter the flex characteristics, by changing the flex between the bulkheads, and also moving the flex closer to the bulkheads as can be seen in our Flex Option Illustration.

This provides a lot of option in not only adjusting the flex point of the car, but also the overall flex. Combined with the options provided under the chassis by the motor-mount, it can be a very powerful tuning option in getting the absolute most out of your car. 

The best part - all of this translates on the track! All of our testing so far by ourselves and our team drivers has proven this topdeck to be the pick of the bunch. It offers an incredibly smooth driving feeling, coupled with increased mid-exit corner and high speed steering over the original topdeck. It is very adaptable to all different kinds of tracks, with the inserting and removal of ST019 and also cutting braces making substantial differences in the feeling and balance of the car.

Initially an asymmetrical design would have been thought not to provide symmetrical flex, but in fact the flex is incredibly balanced. To test the theory we even made a "flippable" topdeck and tried brace left and brace right configurations to see if we could feel the difference. It felt 100% identical with laptime reflecting this. That's how we knew that this was going to be the way forward!

We strongly believe this layout proves an advancement in the flex technology of Mid Motor cars and hope that you will have the same experience with your CentraFlex Topdeck!

  • Centrally distributed flex with several options to move flex point
  • Easy overall flex tuning without requiring removal of topdeck to bulkhead mounting screws 
  • Designed and tested by top Awesomatix Drivers
  • Includes adaptor to use with AFEP
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • 1x CentraFlex Topdeck (2.0mm)
  • 1x CentraFlex Topdeck Post (6061 Alloy)
  • 1x 1.75mm Shim for under the post
  • 1x AFEP Carbon Adaptor for Topdeck Post (You need this to use AFEP with the post)