RC Maker GeoCarbon Front Damper Holder Tool for Awesomatix A800MMX

RC Maker
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Damper Holder Tool fits Awesomatix's one piece damper mount (AM08-3). It assists you in holding one side of the mount whilst you install the opposite side's damper assembly. The recess places the holder at the correct height, and also allows you to manoeuvre the damper holder forwards and backwards to line the hole up on the other side. Once the other side is installed, simply loosen the screw, slide the tool out and install the damper!

Making life a whole lot easier! It is small, strong and includes a hole for ease of installation and removal.

  • Assists in holding the damper holder whilst you install damper assemblies.
  • Keeps the holder in place when both dampers are removed for rebuilds and maintenance
  • Easily slides in and out
  • CNC Machined in Australia from 100% 5mm 3K Twill Carbon