RC Maker GeoCarbon Heavy Duty Bumper Stopper Brace for Xray T4'20

RC Maker
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Designed to be used as either a replacement on our standard bumper stopper, or inserted under any other brands carbon bumper mount! 

The increased 5mm thickness makes it incredibly strong and more impact prone when you just decide to (or unintentionally) "send it"! This allows the carbon stopper to reach lower, leaving carbon above and below the central impact zone, making it less prone to any de-lamination in big hits, preventing damage to your chassis!

  • Solid 5mm Carbon for increased durability 
  • Integrates under any carbon bumper on the market to protect your chassis
  • CNC Machined for perfect tolerances 
  • Designed and Manufactured 100% in Australia
  • 1x Bumper Stopper Brace only (Bumper Plate not included)