RC Maker GeoCarbon Rear Suspension Mount Brace for XRAY T4'20/ T4F'21

RC Maker
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This brace connects the two rear split blocks that your suspension arms mount to. It is designed to increase rigidity between these two blocks to act like a solid block as is used at the front of the car. The brace simply screws into the top of the blocks in the unused part of the thread and can be secured by 3x6 or 3x5 button head screws.

This is a simple tuning option to shift the flex point of the car towards the front of the car more and free up the rear of the car in the case of too much rear traction, or understeer. It is easily attachable and removable and sits above the belt with significant clearance at all diff heights.

If using this hole for mounting the Active Rear Toe, you can use this brace under the ballstud, just take note of the 1mm increased ballstud height.

  • Reduces flex in the rear to remove rear traction and improve steering
  • Easily attachable/detachable to "mimic" a solid block's flex characteristics
  • Signature GeoCarbon finish for increased aesthetics
  • CNC Machined in Australia from high Quality 1mm 3K Carbon Fibre