RC Maker GeoCarbon "SLIM" Battery Mount Set for Awesomatix A800MMX

RC Maker
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Slim batteries are narrower and require smaller hooks for installation. RC Maker have modified their original extremely popular GeoCarbon battery hook design for the thinner batteries, giving you a stylish option for securing your new SLIM battery!

They include a 2mm spacer to raise the hooks for increased support, are adjustable left to right for correct balance and fitment, and also support integration with our Floating Battery Mount Sets for AWESOMATIX, XRAY or YOKOMO

  • Modified design with balance adjustment to suit Slim Batteries
  • Includes 2mm spacers to raise the hook to increase support and prevent scratching on asphalt
  • Constructed from high-quality Gloss 3K 3mm 100% Carbon Fibre CNC machined in 3D "Geo" look.
*Does not include any other items pictured, purely the two battery hooks and two spacers.