RC Maker Premium Setup Station for 1/10th Touring Car

RC Maker
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We're beyond excited to introduce one of our biggest releases to date, our brand new Premium Setup Station for 1/10th Touring Car! 

2 years in the making, our stylish setup station builds on conventional, proven designs and provides added convenience and elegance. We felt no need to re-invent the wheel on the basic concept of the setup station, and thus we took all the things we didn't like about conventional setup stations and improved upon them.

7075 Aluminium Gauges

The frame of the setup station is manufactured from high quality 7075 Aluminium with a black anodizing and striking silver chamfered edges. It features a traditional dual ball bearing setup, as well as ball bearings on the bottom of the camber frame. This reduces point of contact and friction, thus reducing the changes of your readings being effected by small debris on your setup board. These bearings can be difficult to use on uneven surfaces, so if you prefer to stay put, we have provided additional 3mm Black Spacers which can be installed in place of the bearings which will provide the minimal surface contact but not roll around as easily. The gauges feature laser engraved markings for central and +/- measurements for both camber and caster. The camber features an additional "middle" mark above the indicator, making it easier than ever to easily adjust your camber in small increments.

The caster indicator features a +/- 10deg scale, and works with all available caster tools that would suit any other commonly available setup station, especially our Precision Caster Tool 2.

The toe indicator is one of the biggest features of our setup station, and makes setting toe easier and clearer than ever. The laser engraved mark directly indicates against the carbon toe gauge, giving you instantly visible, accurate toe and steering lock readings.

Carbon Toe Gauge

The first of it's kind, we took on a big task when designing and manufacturing the carbon toe gauges. The toe gauge pivots off two points, to enable it to fold up for easy travelling in the included stand and box. The gauge can be very easily folded and unfolded, and set straight by placing the gauge on a flat surface and tightening the screws. The gauge can be stored in the stand both folded, and unfolded. The degree markings are paint filled engraving, which can't be erased unlike UV printed carbon. If after many uses the engraving begins to dull from general use and dirt/dust, it can be easily reconditioned to look like brand new! 

The carbon gauge aligns perfectly with the indicator on the aluminium gauge, giving you a very clear and easy to setting. Uniquely, our gauge locates one side at a time, meaning that you must work on one side, and then move the gauge to the other side. This is so that you don't have to keep "tapping" the gauge to check the reading like on traditional sliding gauges. Simply adjust the side you're working on whilst the gauge stays in the same spot and provides the indication for you. 


Our setup station was designed around being easy to use and travel with. With our setup station, you never have to take it apart. All components slide into the stand which locates them whilst on your table, and when in transit. When you're finished a day of racing, simply fold the toe gauge up and slide it into the stand. Pick the whole setup station up in the middle, place it into the included box, and shut the lid - done!

Next time you get to the track, pull your setup station out and place it on the table, straighten your toe gauge and you're done. The base very conveniently stores your GeoCarbon HD Weighted Tweak Wheel Set as well!!

Overall, we have expended a lot of time and effort into what we believe is a refined setup station that makes setting up your car enjoyable, whilst keeping it set up at all times to drastically reduce your pit set up and pack-up times.

  • Elegant design with high quality materials
  • Self-contained unit for easy storage and travelling
  • Precision engraved degree markings
  • Includes optional 3mm shims to replace bearings
  • Includes Stylish M4 Knurled Setup Station Nuts
  • Includes High Quality 3D Printed Stand which also houses our GeoCarbon HD Weighted Setup Wheels V2.
  • Includes RC MAKER Branded Corflute protective box