RC Maker Roll Centre Shim Plate 3.0mm for Awesomatix (Brass)

RC Maker
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Changing roll centres on your Awesomatix has never been easier, rather than undoing the whole screw and having shims flying everywhere, simply loosen the screw, slide the shim plate out, and install the new roll centre shim plate, and re-tighten the screws!

With the success of Carbon Roll Centre Shim Plates, and the ever demanding focus on weight distribution and adding additional weight down low on the Mid Motor platform, was decided to produce brass versions in the most common thicknesses used today.

Available in 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm thicknesses, it gives you a great range of roll centre options to choose from, whilst being able to move weight around your car to adjust the front/rear weight bias. Whilst these may not be a large amount of weight, due to the placement on the car being very far from the centreline, it can have quite a big impact on the handling of your car.

It is suggested to running them both front, and rear. However if you feel you need more steering, you could replace the front with carbon and leave the rear brass. If you have too much steering and need more rear traction, then you could leave them in the front only, and use carbon in the rear.

These can also be stacked with the carbon 0.5mm and 1mm Shim Plates if desired.

Each pack comes with a pair of front and rear (different lengths) identified by the one (front) or two (rear) indents.

  • Easy roll centre adjustment 
  • 4 Different Thicknesses available for different roll centres (1.5, 2, 2.5, 3.0)
  • 1.5mm Set adds 6g of weight at the lowest point of the car
  • Adds weight at ends of the car to adjust weight bias
  • Useable with all A800 Models with Long Arms
  • Manufactured in Melbourne, Australia 
  • 2x Front 3.0mm Brass Roll Centre Shim Plates
  • 2x Rear 3.0mm Brass Roll Centre Shim Platess