RC Maker "Weight Shift" Adjustable LCG Chassis Weights for Awesomatix (Front·2pcs)

RC Maker
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RC Maker LCG, Adjustable Chassis Weights for the Awesomatix A800X, EVO, MMCX, MMX!

Never before could you move a screw on chassis weight around! RC Maker have engineered the weights to provide maximum adjustability to their surroundings when wanting to balance your car or adjust the cars handling.

Left/Right: Adjust the balance of the car without adding/removing weight, or raising the CG.

Inwards: Increases the response of the car with less roll (recommended on high traction).

Outwards: Increases overall traction with more roll (recommended on low traction).

You can also use a variation of inside and outside on the front and rear to adjust the roll balance of the car. The pair also includes carbon fiber shims for shimming the weight off the chassis to increase flex. The weights can be screwed directly to the chassis without any shim to reduce flex.

  • Sits as close to the chassis as possible for LCG
  • Adjustable left and right for balance and handling tuning
  • CNC Machined, laser engraved high quality brass
  • Includes shims to allow flex adjustment on or off the chassis
  • Made 100% in Australia
  • 2x Precision Machined Brass Weights (Front) 22g for the pair
  • 2x 0.5mm Carbon Fiber Shims for spacing off chassis