Reve D HT Rear Lower Arm (48mm)

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The HT (High Traction) rear lower arms were completed by the Rêve D development team after conducting tests with various materials, shapes and dimensions to achieve the best rear traction.

The HT rear lower arms, which are made from lightweight and highly rigid Duracon (POM) material, is CNC cut, achieving a super accurate finish and dramatically improves suspension movement.
Furthermore, by using a reversible design, the damper mounting height can be selected from two types and can be easily adjusted according to the road surface conditions and the driving style (see the explanation below for details).

Accessible chassis:

YD-2 series etc. Inner suspension pin can be used for Φ3mm and outer suspension pin is Φ2mm.

Accessories for HT rear lower arms:
  • M2 tapping screw x 4 pieces (for fixing outer suspension pins)
  • POM 6mm thick spacer x 2 pieces

*The width of the HT rear lower arm on the inner suspension pin side is 6mm narrower than the original suspension arm of the YD-2 series.
Therefore, when using it with the YD-2 series, use the included 6 mm thick spacer.

Explanation of reversible structure:

The mounting height of the damper can be selected by replacing the left and right suspension arms.

  • Down position

You can positively induce roll and improve lateral grip.

  • Straight position

It improves traction performance and enables competitive driving.

*Depending on the machine used and the specifications of the damper, it may be necessary to change the length of the damper or the upper mounting height of the damper.

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