Reve D Steering Gyro REVOX for RWD Drift Car

Reve D
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It Features a new function “Gyro curve setting” after repeated tests in various situations with many different drift specific servos over a long period of time, it can change the initial curve value in 6 stages according to skill, track surface conditions, track layout and so on.

The optimum setting is easily made by clicking the setup switch. You can enjoy RC Drifting in several stages!

The stylish aluminum case, which greatly simplifies the switches, has a lightweight and compact design and can be installed in a small space. A pair of setup switches and LEDs can be used to set all of the “gyro curve functions “endpoint function” and “reverse switching”.

Experience the state-of-the-art gyro “REVOX” that has both the ultimate in manoeuvrability and flexibility. Satisfying beginners and advanced users with ease of setup control!

Product dimensions: W: 21.5mm / D: 23.5mm / H: 9.5mm

  • Gyro curve functions: 6 stages
  • Endpoint function
  • Reverse switching
  • Gain adjustment: width 0 to 100
Setting Items:
  • This product can be used exclusively for radio sets that have 3ch or more
  • Set the EPA for transmitter 1ch(steering)to 5 5 or higher.
  • Set the EPA for transmitter 3ch to 1 0 0. (Although the instruction manual attached to RS-ST servo states that 3ch EPA is recommended for 1 1 0 to 1 2 0, set EPA to 1 0 0 when using REVOX)
  • The basic recommended gain is 7 0, and adjust it to your liking.