Ruddog RP540 10.5T 540 Fixed Timing Sensored Brushless Motor

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The powerplants utilise the same design as the RP540 stock motors but feature a fixed timing sensor plate, meaning they are the perfect hand-out motor for club races, sanctioned championships and long distance races. In addition to the new motors Ruddog are also offering a separate timing insert to outfit existing RP540 motors to the new fixed timing specification, allowing racers to use the same motor in open and sanctioned races. The PR540 fixed timing motors are available in 10.5T 13.5T 17.5T and 21.5T specifications.

Weight165-175g depending on the winding
Voltage2S / 7.4V
Dimensions540 = 36x51.75mm
Shaft diameter3.175mm
TimingFixed at 30°
SensorStandard sensor connection / exchangeable

  • RUDDOG RP540 10.5T Brushless Motor
  • RUDDOG 200mm Sensor Cable (Black)