Samix BD7 -1mm lower Brass suspension mount set (5pcs)

Samix RC
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Coming from Samix and made for Yokomo’s BD7 touring car are new brass and aluminium suspension mounts. Available are several configurations including 1-piece FF, FR and RR mounts as well as split FR and RF mounts all of which use optional Xray composite inserts to alter the suspension’s kick-up, anti-squat and toe-in settings. Additionally they are of a 1mm lower design, allowing to run lower suspension pin settings than stock. The mounts are available in heavy black and gold colour brass as well as lightweights silver and black aluminium variants with the brass parts allowing to adjust the car’s weight balance and overall weight.



·         1mm lower than standard provide bigger option to adjust you car setup.

·         Provide consistent suspension movement all the time.

·         Brass can help to reduce traction roll on high-traction surfaces while the rear parts improve rotation and steering, making them ideal for medium traction condition.

·         One full set includes 5 mounts.



Need to use together with Xray T4 composite inserts (see below)!