Sanwa M17 useful TIPS from Martin Bayer

Sanwa M17 useful TIPS from Martin Bayer

26. 4. 2019

For most drivers it doesn't end with buying new transmitter. There is a lot of ways how to customize transmitter to get as comfortable feelings from using as possible. Our MIBO Team top buggy driver Martin Bayer uses newest Sanwa M17 across all categories he drives and to be able reach top positions he paid attention to customization his transmitter. And now he shares his set-up with you.

Martin Bayer's tips in his words:
  1. I definitely recommend Sanwa Transmitter Grip Tape. Radio is much better held when I have sweaty hands due to nervousness before the start.
  2. I use additional angle of steering wheel because my grip is then much more comfortable and during a longer rounds the radio does not fall anywhere and I have it in the same position also during the hour finals.
  3. I definitely recommend using Screen Protector on the display. This makes my radio still look new. Especially at Nitro races.
  4. I have TRIM 2, 3, 4 switched off for racing with electric cars. Due to the fact that there is no using of TRIM for electric cars but driver can by the mistake touch TRIM button and change ESC set-up.
  5. I don't like the position of the TRM5 brake setting, because sometimes I change the brake force due to wrong hold of transmitter. That's why I switched the brake function to TRM3.
  6. The steering wheel seemed to be very hard and I was inaccurate. So I loosened the steering wheel spring for one turn.

We believe that Martin's tips will save your time during testing of your best set-up and your start with new M17 transmitter will be as comfortable as possible.


Sanwa has introduced TUNING parts for M17 which Martin will also use. In stock 29. 4.

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