Sweep PRO CARPET Pre-Glued Touring Car Tires for "ETS" Carpet Spec (32deg, EXP-LS4, 4pcs)

Sweep Racing
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Coming from Sweep Racing is their new EXP R3 PRO CARPET competition touring car tyre. Brand new tyre was developed with Mibosport cooperation for "ETS" spec carpet and use on popular Mibosport Cup series. Testing took place in several places in Europe and Asia, so thanks to all drivers and facilities for help to create new special carpet tyres. It was tested by different levels of Modified/Stock drivers headed by Mibosport driver Ronald Völker. Tyres use well-proven carpet 32 hardness rubber compound on new R3 profile. New profile will offer improved steering response and forward bite. The carcass now has a more round shape for better steering emphasis and the compounds will ensure more consistent lap times toward the end of a run. Complete new insert help also with long life of these tyres.