TQ-2 for Ronald Volker at Worlds

TQ-2 for Ronald Volker at Worlds

20. 8. 2018

Going into the finals as Top Qualifier I wanted to win but getting my fifth podium finish is something I am proud of. I can’t thank Hayato, Jurgen and all my sponsors enough for how they support me. In A3 the first 2/3 laps were worse than A2, the car was more loose but then I got into my rhythm and pulled away from Viktor and at least after the first two finals I could secure Vice-World Champion.

I felt good going into the final but he had a quicker car. I had a good first lap but he was faster and forced me into a small mistake but the curbs basically ended my race. We all knew you are taking a risk going over them but it was the worst moment it could have happen. I’m surely disappointed and feel sorry for all my sponsors, my team and myself but credit to Bruno for a great drive and his title.

[Ronald Volker]

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