Useful new at Mibosport - MUST SEE!

Useful new at Mibosport - MUST SEE!

19. 9. 2018

We still work hard to bring you news and improvements of our services and one of them is here. As you can know, with new webstore we have made some changes about product buttons - "Add to Cart", "Waiting list", "Pre-order" - all of this buttons were created to provide you as comfortable user experience as possible. But now it is getting much more intuitive then ever before. We are talking about "Pre-order" button.

There was no possibility to be informed about pre-order product availability. Now it is. We added waiting list also to pre-order products.

In product catalogue are button descriptions hidden, but it still works the way you are used to. Blue button will add pre-order product to cart and red button is waiting list. Just click on it, in pop-up window fill in your e-mail and save it. That's all. From that moment you will be saved in our database and thanks to that we will send you e-mail when the selected product is in stock.

The same applies to product detail.

We hope this feature will make your future shopping more enjoyable.

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