XRAY Alu Fully Adj. Battery Holder + Weight for Shorty Batteries

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Fully adjustable battery aluminum holder & brass weights for short pack batteries. Allows to move the batteries front and rear but also left to right for easy and comfortable weight transfer adjustment. The holder allows to move the battery which changes the Front/Rear weight balance by 4mm. Design of the battery holder eliminates any negative chassis flex.

Each of the weights (2) is 40g heavy and allows to mount the shorty battery into the center of the chassis for perfect distribution of the weight.

Using the shorty battery with the low profile weights allows to lower the weight of the car which helps to make the car easier to drive, more stable in the chicanes but in the same time improves the rotation of the car.

Recommended to use especially for modified class on carpet or small asphalt tracks.

The weights are CNC-machined from brass material and additionally black coated for astonishing look.