XRAY ECS ES (Extra Strong) Drive Shaft 51mm - Hudy Spring Steel™ - Set

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Extra strong ECS drive shafts 51mm long for optimized steering and stability. 50mm and 52mm ECS drive shafts are still optionally available to suit particular track conditions.

The legendary XRAY ECS drive shafts equalize the speed between the drive shaft and the wheel. With a unique 2-piece joint between the axle and the wheel, the same extreme wheel turning angle is divided into two shallower angles without causing binding. Regardless of cornering speed and wheel angle, the inner wheel will not bind or vibrate. Drive through the corner is more stable, more precise, and easier.

Drive shafts are exclusively manufactured from special world-renowned, top-secret, self-developed HUDY Spring Steel™. The drive shafts are strategically lightened – see the hollow end of the dog bone – to guarantee the lowest possible weight without compromising strength or durability.

These specially-lightened drive shafts can only be manufactured from special HUDY Spring Steel™ which was developed for extreme racing conditions. The drive shafts have been additionally hand-ground for maximum precision and to provide true rotation and unbinding drivetrain operation.