XRAY T4'20 Alu Flex Chassis 2.0mm - Swiss 7075 T6

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T4’20 chassis is designed and developed for the centrally positioned layshaft. The chassis is completely redesigned to accommodate the center drivetrain system and the narrow mounts for the long arm suspension.

The updated layout moves the main bulkheads towards the center by 1mm, and includes mounting holes for both the long arm and short arm suspension holders to allow switching between the two configurations using the same chassis.

The 2.0mm thick aluminum flex chassis is CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, then black coated and laser engraved. The ultra-narrow chassis is only 84mm wide and features special cut outs that provide the chassis flex characteristics suitable for a wide variety of the traction levels. The bottom of the chassis is shaped to reduce contact between the chassis and the ground while turning to improve cornering speed.

Recommended for medium to high traction carpet tracks and high traction asphalt tracks.