XRAY XB4'20 - 4WD 1/10 Electric Off-Road Car + FREE Sanwa RX-482 Receiver

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The popular vehicle underwent some sort of a redesign for the new season with a longer chassis making for improved stability while a more narrow design in the bulkhead area allows the use of optional longer arms. The gearboxes also saw an update, making them more narrow to make way for the new narrow suspension mounts and thus updated arm positions. A rear gearbox raiser plate improved the gearbox’s position when running in high-bite track conditions and inside the bulkheads operate redesigned gear differentials with larger oil volume, resulting in more consistent performance over a run. Part of the new diff package are also separate new-module crown gears and composite diff covers for better serviceability and a lower weight. Also new in the driveline area are new module crown gears for more efficient operation as well as centre driveshafts with larger 2.5mm cross pins. New, longer front and rear outer driveshafts, an updated motor mount for easier pinion gear access as well as an all-new centre upper graphite brace and a shorter slipper assembly with a wider adjustment range round out the drivetrain package. Other features include new aluminium roll centre mounts on rear uprights with updated roll centre positions, a revised rear graphite shock tower can be mounted from both sides of the gearbox to fine-tune the shock setup weight balance, and reinforced servo saver stands make for improved steering precision while a new shape improves clearance. The kit is rounded out by an improved servo mount system to optimise steering consistency in high traction conditions.

  • All-new longer chassis for improved stability
  • All-new super-narrow front & rear gear boxes to accommodate new suspension mount positions and optional longer arms
  • All-new rear gear box height adjustment plate for high traction conditions
  • All-new narrow front & rear suspension holders
  • All-new front & rear gear differentials with increased oil volume to improve consistency
  • All-new differential crown gear
  • All-new steel crown gear and pinion gear CNC-machined from Hudy Spring Steel with improved lifespan and reduced noise
  • New centre drive shafts feature 2.5mm drive shaft pins for increased efficiency
  • All-new longer front and rear drive shafts
  • Updated aluminium motor mount with easier pinion gear access
  • All-new centre upper graphite brace
  • Updated aluminium roll centre mount on rear uprights with new roll centre position
  • Shorter slipper assembly with wider adjustment range for both low and high traction conditions
  • Revised rear graphite shock tower can be mounted from both sides of the gear box
  • Reinforced servo saver stands for improved steering precision and a new shape for improved clearance
  • Improved servo mount system to improve steering consistency in high traction conditions