Yokomo BD9 Touring Car Kit - Carbon Lower Deck Version

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449,00 € 519,00 € -14 %
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Yokomo competition touring car, the BD9, with its greatly improved driving performance and durability, has gained a large following since its release. The price has now been revised so that high end performance can be easily obtained, helping more people enjoy touring car racing. The BD9 is the first of its style to connect the price range of two lines ahead of the release of the high-end racing model the BD10. All of our manufacturing costs and profit margins have now been revised with the BD9 whilst maintaining the same product configuration and quality as before. In particular, our goal was to realise a price that emphasizes ease of purchase for users. Not only the chassis kits but also all of the parts will continue to be available, so after-sales support such as repairs and upgrades with optional parts is possible.