Yokomo ESC BL-PRO4 Turbo (>3.5T) without wire

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Yokomo have updated their line of high-performance brushless speed controllers and now introduce the BL4 series. The range includes the BL-Pro4, BL-RS4 and BL-SP4 with the BL-Pro4 being a top-of-the-foodchain ESC with an all-aluminium case, 1-cell LiPo booster, a new cooling fan and an aluminium cooling fan guard. A new firmware allows for better control over the boost, turbo delay and slope functions as well as the brake frequency. On top of this the controller sports all-black wiring for that cool factory look.


The BL-RS4 pretty much builds on the Pro4, it comes without cooling fan and sports black receiver and on/off switch wires like the Pro4. Last but not least comes the sport-level BL-SP4, a compact unit with newly-added turbo functions for stock racing and a variety of features aimed towards entry-level racers.


General features:

– Boost adjustment programmable in Rev and Throttle positions

– Turbo, Turbo delay, Turbo Slope functions

– Brake are programmable for Min, Mid, and Max throttle position

– Two brake settings

– ESC motor output terminal pattern for A-B-C and C-B-A

– Independent frequency settings for forward, brake and neutral

– BL-Pro4 and BL-RS4 are 1-cell, 3.7V LiPo capable

– High voltage BEC output @7.4V

– YBP4 programmer available for easier programming

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