Yokomo Master Drift MD 1.0 Limited Purple Version Assemble Kit

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The Mustard Lift MD1.0, which has gained the support of expert drivers as a high-end competition machine, is now available in a limited edition version covered with red/purple color anodized parts. The contrast between the chic matte graphite parts and the brightly colored anodized parts dramatically increases the sense of owner- ship of the machine! The excitement doesn't stop from the stage of building the machine, and the image of driving it expands.

The basic design is the same as the previous MD1.0, but this color version has a 4-gear rear drive for even greater acceleration traction. This specification is ideal for P-tile and colored concrete surfaces with low grip, increasing the sense of speed in single runs and building an advantage in pursuit runs as well.

*When running in 3 gears, prepare differential height adjusters for 3 gears (MD-DHA31 or MD-DHA32) separately.