Yokomo Master Off-Road MO 1.0 Assemble 4WD Offroad Car Kit

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4WD off-road baby carriage that reliably captures the road surface in all conditions. The competition-oriented machine is built to the world's top level and has the capacity to handle high-speed circuit driving with ease. Multiple suspension and drivetrain parts are included to adapt to a variety of road conditions. From outdoor dirt surfaces to high-grip carpeted surfaces, the right parts can be selected to provide the best driving experience.

  • Shaft drive 4wd racing baby carriage
  • Aluminum lightweight bulkheads
  • Aluminum lightweight motor mounts
  • Lightweight slipper unit & center diff included
  • High durability Φ3.5mm inner suspension pin
  • Bush type upper arm pivot (inside)
  • Battery position can be changed.
  • Adjustable roll center bushing inserts
  • Aluminum rear hub carrier
  • Dirt and carpet springs
  • Dirt and carpet sway bar
  • Aluminum servo mounts
  • Aluminum cooling fan mounts
  • Aluminum shock cap balls