Yokomo Master Speed BD11 Factory Team Edition Aluminum Chassis Competition Touring Car

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BD11, driven by Christopher Krapp and won the second place in the 2022 World Championship, has been tuned to the specifications required by Team Yokomo's drivers. It is a special machine equipped with parts used in world wars as well as newly developed parts.

The BD11's most characteristic graphite suspension arm has been further refined, and the arm length has been changed by +0.5mm at the front and -1.0mm at the rear to achieve both traction and response. In addition, the newly developed hard type stabilizer bar has a linear effect, and in combination with the 6-hole piston, it responds sensitively to even the slightest suspension movement. The springs are 2.80 front and 2.70 rear to achieve optimum machine balance.

Until now, the aluminum chassis had been thought of as an indoor high-grip road surface, but in this factory team edition, the design around the rear has been changed to improve traction, and a sufficient grip can be obtained even on outdoor asphalt roads. Overseas team drivers are also getting good results on the asphalt road surface, so it is a main chassis that I would like you to try once.

In addition, the rear belt tensioner, which is a must-have for team drivers, and the newly developed upper deck bush, etc., are luxurious specifications that bring out new aspects of the BD11. I'm here.

  • Center Drive Layout 
  • NEW!! Aluminum Main Chassis 
  • Graphite Upper Deck 
  • NEW!! Front Graphite Long Suspension Arm (+0.5mm) 
  • NEW!! Rear Graphite Short Suspension Arm (-1.0mm) 
  • NEW!! Hard Stabilizer bar 
  • NEW!! Upper deck bush 
  • NEW!! 4-degree caster RTC aluminum rear hub carrier 
  • High response 6-hole piston 
  • New double joint universal 
  • Separate front shock tower 
  • ATF (active top deck flex) 
  • RTC ( Rear toe control) Suspension standard equipment 
  • Low mount stabilizer

The front suspension arm is 0.5mm longer than the previous model, improving direct steering response and controllability during cornering.

Stabilizer bar featuring good response by adopting new material. Together with the settings of the front and rear springs, the front and rear balance is perfect.

Newly designed aluminum main chassis with improved traction around the rear. It produces good results not only on indoor high-grip surfaces, but also on outdoor asphalt surfaces.

Newly developed bush for fixing the top deck. Depending on the road surface conditions, the standard bearing specifications can be used properly, expanding the range of road surface conditions.

A rear belt tensioner, which is a must-have item for team drivers, is standard equipment.

RTC's aluminum hub carrier adopts a new 4 degree. Increase traction and stabilize cornering.