Yokomo YD-4MR AWD Drift Car (w/FCD1.5)

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YD-4 that monopolizes the top in events of various places with weapons of high running quality and stability. A new machine “YD-4 MR” which newly modulates its fighting power more aggressively appears.

Based on chassis / upper deck / shock tower using chic matte-like carbon material, beautiful details full of luxury are formed. By installing the motor in the rear midship and moving the center of gravity position slightly backward than before, it will produce a dynamic force when launching the rear. The weight balance derived from elaborate testing suppresses the return of drift during cornering, making it possible to run at a deeper angle.

By adding YD-4 MR of more aggressive characteristics to the standard YD-4 excellent in stability sense of stability, the lineup covering a wide range of drift style is completed!

Features and Specifications:
  • Total length: 434 mm (Including diffuser)
  • Full width: 199 mm
  • Wheel base: 255 mm (adjustable)
  • Secondary reduction ratio: 2.35: 1
  • All equipped weight: 1500 g
  • High Rigidity Matte Carbon Double Deck Chassis
  • Low center of gravity structure that exerts high exercise performance
  • Sealed gearbox shaft drive 4WD
  • Rear Mid Ship Motor Specification for Enabling Dynamic Driving
  • Improved operability by concentrating heavy objects
  • High rigidity front and rear H arm specifications while achieving overwhelming cutting angle
  • Aluminum slide rack steering system optimizing cutting angle and Ackermann ratio
  • Narrow scrub knuckle with front kingpin angle
  • Front One Way
  • FCD × 1.3 times Rear Accelerated Solid Axle
  • High rigidity 4mm thick matte carbon made front and rear shock towers
  • Standard, short size battery compatible
The front and rear shock adopts the height adjustment formula of resin cylinder. It is held with a high rigidity carbon stay of 4 mm thick, absorbing shock from the road surface with reliable operation. In addition, springs are fitted with multi-winding long springs that are ideal for drift, increasing traction and enabling realistic driving with a sense of weight.
Aluminum steering rack is subjected to lubricating hard coat treatment to achieve smooth and reliable operation. Of course the slide rack draws out the optimum Ackermann ratio and draws out the “run” of the front which can be said as essential for the competition drift.
The motor is mounted on the rear midship, and a powerful rear stick out is produced. Fitting after rearing the rear by concentrating the heavy load is also good, it is possible to run with a drift angle with stability, while being quick and dynamic.
The short size battery can move back and forth, you can choose the weight distribution of the driver preference. Not only short-sized Li-po battery, but also supports full-size battery by changing the mounting position of the battery holder. The main chassis and upper deck, front and rear shock towers are made of a matte carbon material overflowing with a sense of quality, and it has become a chic looks finish.

*The pictures are the assembled samples on prototype. It may changes at the production version without notice.

*Things necessary for driving: 2 channel propo set (transmitter, receiver, speed controller, servo), battery (Li-po 2 cell), charger, tires, wheels, motor, body, polycarbonate paint