Mibosport Cup R1 19/20 - report

Mibosport Cup R1 19/20 - report


MIBOSPORT Cup series has officially started. Sports hall in Hrotovice´s local hotel was opened for racers again on the 18th of October. This well-known RC basecamp together with some cool news tempted some two hundred drivers to get in including a few great drivers from both Czech Republic and foreign countries. Michal Orlowski, Schumacher team driver, promised to hit the track in Hrotovice as well as Turkish champ Mustafa Alp.

Let´s begin with news. Both tracks received brand new carpet offering high level of traction. Cars did well on it from the early beginning. The system of qualifications was adjusted as well. In the past, organizers used to count just one best result in terms of laps and time. Now it is just about points from two counted qualification runs.

Two more onroad classes occurred this season. Both of them prescribe real-looking racing bodies. Which add the extra point to the whole show, because performance of FWD class is already stunning. Another added class is GT Stock 17.5T. This is basically slower stock class for more or less hobby drivers keen on nice bodywork. On the other hand, 1/10 pancar and 1/12 pancar were left in the past because of decreasing participation and messing the traction by using foam tires.

Buggy 2WD Stock: The slower of two 2WD Buggy classes was led by Michal Skolnik. This Austrian driver did not let anybody to pass him, so he secured the first place. Hannes Mayer finished as the runner up and Jeremiasz Kramza completed the TOP3.

Buggy 2WD Modified: Michal Orlowski was unbeatable again. Proving his experiences from the EOS series he defeated the rest of the field by a margin. Hupo Hönigl tried to push hard, but there was no better result for him possible than the second place. Martin Bayer managed to bring himself up to third spot. Max Götzl finished fourth in front of Ales Bidovsky.

Buggy 4WD Modified: Same story here. Michal Orlowski pulled away from the racing field behind him and scored one more victory. Martin Bayer jumped from the fourth on the grid to runner-up spot by overtaking Hupo Hönigl on third position. Ales Bidovsky secured fourth position and upcoming Slovakian star Matus Benetin, who surprisingly qualified on the third position, finished fifth at the end.

GT Stock 17.5T: Ales Pelikan did confident and consistent performance, which had given a victory to his hands. Daniel Hons tried his best and finally he managed to secure the second position in front of Lukas Vopat.

FWD: Front-wheel-drive class saw return of Michal Bok to the racing track. Despite some early issues he managed to take second on the grid right behind Alex Mayer. This couple showed amazing battles during final heats. At the end Alex was more successful and took the victory in front of Michal and Christian Schmid.

Formula: This class experienced some ups and downs in the past. However, this time it seems like it is on point again. It is the only way how to explain number of 42 drivers the grid. Such a great competition including ETS winner David Ehrbar. But it was Andreas Stiebler who took TQ after qualies. Unfortunately, his luck-box seemed to be empty for finals as he fell to 4th spot at the end. David Ehrbar managed to win after some nice battles with Lukas Hoch on the second position and Simon Horak od third. The TOP5 was completed by Thomas Dvorszky.

Pro Stock 13.5T: Dominic Vogl, Oliver Havranek and Mustafa Alp. Those three guys were fighting for the victory from the early beginning.  Dominic seemed to be very strong in qualies, but in finals Oliver was really close to turn victory in his direction. At the end Dominic managed to keep that first spot in front of Mustafa and Oliver. Philipp Neudinger finished fourth and Radko Cernohous finished fifth.

Modified: Oliver and Dominic continued their participation in Modified class as well. Together with Matej Sulc they captured first three starting positions for themselves. Dominic managed to pull away faster than in Stock class and after just two finals his job was done. Oliver overtook Matej on his way for runner-up spot and Matej finished third. Kuba Simurda stayed on his fourth position and Petr Grof finished fifth.