FREE masks and soaps for every order!

FREE masks and soaps for every order!

25 Mar 2020

In these difficult times we would like to help you in probably the only way we can. We provide you with 2 things for free which are really important now - face mask and soap. Face protection and hand hygiene helps us stay more secure from infection of COVID-19 and spread to other people. And as we all know, it is scarce commodity all over the world now.

Textile Safety Mask is made from 100% Cotton and coming from small domestic production. 2 layer mask allows to insert tissue or different kind of filler between 2 chambers -> 3 layer safety mask.

Everybody will get these products to his order for free. Products are not for sale and can not be bought. It does not matter if you order product for 1€ or 100€. We just want to help you and need to cover the shipping costs.

Please stay home as much as you can, stay safe, take care about yourself, your families and friends. Be solidary to everybody. We can make it only if we all works together.

Wish you a lot of health and patience.
Hope to see you soon at the track.

Michal Bok & Mibosport Team