Mibosport Cup R2 - report

Mibosport Cup R2 - report

13 nov. 2018

The second round of MIBOSPORT Cup was organized right in the middle of November. Drivers from Czechia and foreign countries were about to settle inside the hall in Hrotovice. And one more time the participation was higher than 200.

The biggest supplier of drivers on starting grid was offroad section, respectively two of its pillars. Modified buggy 2WD and 4WD. However, this is not the whole story. Formula class seems to increase its popularity among RC fans and somehow it turned out to be the most populated onroad class on the list. 43 drivers in it.

Friday´s program started with free practises. Afterwards there was a time for three timed practises and finally at the end of the day last two free practises came up. On Saturday there was an hour lasting free practise for those, who did not arrive the day before and then qualifications were about to start.

1/12 Pancar: Tomas Liptak was dominating through the whole day. Branislav Panak left Hrotovice with second place in his pocket and Martin Zvara, who is still finding a recipe how to get in front of two Slovak guys, had to settle for third place.

1/10 GT Pancar: Another 2WD class was in hands of Igor Liptak. This experienced guy with fluorescent yellow body was on fire and reached victory at the end. Right behind it was Martin Zvara finishing as a runner up. Marek Helbich completed the TOP3.

Stock LRP: Oliver Havranek, biggest favourite of the race, was not the strongest one in controlled practises. But then it became his race. Reaching TQ and securing overall victory in first two finals was enough to put smile on his face. Second place came to Lukasz Mach, who was involved into strong fight with Marton Toth. Marton finished as third at the end. Fourth place came to Peter Miko and Jakub Klapacz was fifth.

Modified: Fastest 4WD onroad class was really competitive. Oliver Havranek, Matej Sulc, Patrick Gollner or first round winner Zdenko Kunak. The biggest challenge was between Oliver and Matej. Oliver did make the pass on Matej in A1, but did not manage to score a good result in A2. Matej however grabbed important victory in second final and at the end he was the lucky one to stand on the top of modified ranking list. Patrick Gollner kept Zdenko behind him and took at least the third spot while Zdenko Kunak had to satisfy himself with fourth place overall. TOP5 was completed by Andreas Stiebler.

Formule 1: Andreas Stiebler is much stronger here in formula and this time he left all those forty-two drivers behind. Considering his victory in both A1 & A2 he could leave the A3 unattended. But he did start at the end. However, it was Lukas Hoch who took the A3 and also the second position overall. Herbert Weber had some good battles with Lukas, but finished third at the end. Thomas Dvorszky finished fourth and Werner Spannbruckner was fifth.

Stadium Truck: Jiri Rybak TQed this new class and led for the whole race. Jan Komorous finished as second and Lukas Kyjevsky, struggling a bit to keep their pace, was third.

2WD Buggy Stock: Chris van der Hagen had a good fight for victory with Josef Fenninger. Both drivers won one heat, so that the A3 became decider. In the last race of their racing day it was Chris who took the victory. Josef finished second and Pepa Vich completed the TOP3.

2WD Buggy Modified: Hupo Hönigl managed to keep the whole field behind him and took the victory. Ales Bidovsky performed good clean racing and that flawless drive brought him to runner up spot. Adam Iszay secured third position in front of Marek Schiller. This was probably the biggest surprise of the race. And finally, Max Götzl finished fifth.

4WD Buggy Modified: Even in another buggy modified class Hupo scored again. Despite the fact that he did not TQed this one, he mercilessly grabbed the victory, letting Kaja Novotny to take only the runner up spot. Behind the Xray couple there was a strong fight for the third spot. Marek Schiller´s charge through the field was amazing. From fifth to third position. Adam Iszay finished fourth and Ales Bidovsky was fifth.