Mibosport Cup R4 - report

Mibosport Cup R4 - report

21 janv. 2019

Penultimate race of Mibosport Cup took place right in the second half of January. During Christmas both pilots and racing stuff took deserved rest and now it was time to hit the track again.

The registration list was significant proof. There was amount of 215 names on Friday afternoon, which is pretty much solid. Gone are times, when only Czech and Slovaks fought for trophies. This time drivers from eight countries took part.

After a few Friday free practises it was time to begin with controlled once. Then last two free practises and finally some sleeping. Well not for a long time. Early morning called for first qualification runs. 

Buggy 2WD Stock: Slower 2WD Buggy class was dominated by Juraj Hudy. There was a fight between Martin Minyuk, Pepa Vich and Kuba Krus. Finally, Martin became runner up as he had the best starting position. Pepa Vich grabbed at least third place and Kuba Krus was fourth. Otto Götzl finished as fifth.

Buggy 2WD Modified: Martin Bayer supported by success at GPMK performed confident drive and lead through the whole race. Nothing more than victory could have been reached. Hupo Hönigl saw himself coming for runner up spot in front of his Austrian mate Martin Wollanka. Adam Iszay finished fourth in front of Ales Bidovsky.

Buggy 4WD Modified: First two drivers from previous class fought for victory in 4WD buggy class and finally they switched their order. So Hupo Hönigl kicked himself up on the top the podium in front of Martin Bayer. Behind them there was a fight for third position. Adam Iszay was the most successful driver in reaching this aim and took the podium home. Max Götzl did at least the fourth spot and Zsolt Bajusz finished fifth.

1/12 Pancar: Even though one-twelve class was more attractive and tighter than usual, nothing unusual happened at the end. Tomas Liptak showed his sense for efficiency and converted only three finished runs into precise victory. Riccardo Bellia from Italy showed nice pace and finished second in front of Marcel Dostal. Martin Zvara took unfortunate fourth place and Ales Pelikan was fifth.

1/10 GT Pancar: Pancar class saw one huge carnage taking five minutes in each run. Well, from all these pains it was Martin Zvara who emerged with the triumph. Igor Liptak had to give up his TQ position and satisfy himself with second spot. Miroslav Jurenka had a good run making third position and Radovan Konopik saw himself on the fourth spot. Martin Helbich finished fifth.

Formula 1: Lukas Hoch had to feel some relief after qualies. His biggest persecutor – Andres Stiebler, figured on the fifth position. Such a comfortable gap, but not for a long time. Andres made it up through the field, but it was not enough to get better the second place. So, Lukas won overall. Thomas Dvorszky finished as third with Simon Horak and Ales Horak behind his back.

Stock LRP: From the early begging it seemed like a clear thing for Oliver Havranek. But this last only till Q3, where Simon Horak lead for a while. Qualifying second, he had a pace to at least put some pressure on Oli and that was exactly what he did. After A1 & A2 both drivers had one victory and last run was the decider. But Oliver kept himself calm and took overall victory. Simon became the runner up and Lukasz Mach secured TOP3 result for him as well. Ales Pelikan finished fourth in front of Radko Cernohous.

Modified: Zdenko Kunak belonged to race favourites. And he truly was even if results after controlled practise were really tight. Taking TQ he managed to grab home victory as well. Oliver tried hard to make Zdenko feel uncomfortable in finals, but the effort didn´t pay off. At the end he could at least keep his second position. Matej Sulc lacked the pace in finals and rather competed with Kuba Simurda right behind him. After all he managed to stay on his third position. Kuba Simurda finished fourth and Radek Flek was fifth.