MIBO Racing Servo Line-Up

MIBO Racing Servo Line-Up

5 ott 2022

We are happy to introduce you Complete Line-Up of MIBO Racing Servos which we designed together with Kavan. These servos, which are also the first products of the MIBO brand, are based on our experience as racers and sellers of racing equipment and long-term feedback from our customers.

The aim was to create servos that would meet the requirements of the competitors and the current trends. All this at very affordable prices.

Another goal was clarity and readability. So that even a complete beginner would know what servo to get for his model. That's why we put the most important part – the type of model the servo is designed for – in the most visible part, the name of the product itself. The customer can then find the specific racing categories in the product details.

MIBO's brand philosophy is to bring quality and competitive products at reasonable prices. So that they are truly for everyone – beginners, seasoned racers and professionals.

Drift enthusiasts will also be able to enjoy MIBO servos soon. And of course there are also spare gear sets and servo boxes, which you will find in our offer soon.

Stay tuned for another new products which are coming soon 🤩

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