Mibosport Cup R5 - report

Mibosport Cup R5 - report

26 feb 2019

The fifth race of Mibosport Cup was the last event of season 2018/2019 as well. Big Final of this European series attracted the highest number of pilots in history of Mibosport Cup. This time it was over 260. 

Friday´s practise was well exploited by many drivers as it´s known how much useful it really is. Free practise was left untouched, however the controlled one was cut. From three rounds remained only two which put a bit more pressure on pilots. 

Another day the rest of the programme appeared. First it was free practise for those who had not arrived the day before and then driver meeting came up. After this organization stuff it was time to hit the track again. 

Stadium Truck: Phillipp Märzinger was the fastest guy in this class. Christian Wukonig took one victory in final heat, but it was not enough to get more than the second spot. Rene Levetzov finished third. 

2WD Buggy Stock: The 2WD Stock Buggy class with motor limitation was finally starting to expand. This time 20 drivers arrived to attend. Jura Hudy was on point from the early beginning. He managed to win two final heats and finally he reached the victory. Arnold Lorenz became runner-up and Rene Levetzov completed the TOP3.

2WD Buggy Modified: Almost sixty drivers competed for victory in 2WD Buggy class making it the most populated class this weekend. Martin Bayer, belonging to world class drivers, took TQ and at the end the overall victory as well. Hupo Hönigl on the second place pushed very hard, but none of his trying was enough to put him up in final order. Max Götzl finished third in front of another Czech ace Ales Bidovsky. Bartolomiej Zambrzycki crossed the line as fifth overall. 

4WD Buggy Modified: Similarly, to 2WD Buggy, Martin Bayer stood on top of the racing field again. This time Hupo did not cover his back as Max Götzl proved great performance and started second. The situation remained unchanged even in finals. Martin won both main buggy classes, Max finished right behind covering third Hupo Hönigl successfully. Bartolomiej Zambrzycki moved himself up to fourth spot in front of Zsolt Bajusz.

1/12 Pancar: Tomas Liptak dominated his favourite class as usually. Vitezslav Hola was able to move forward in final standings and finished right behind Tomas. Martin Zvara ended up third in front of Branislav Panak and Marcel Dostal.

1/10 GT Pancar: Igor Liptak continued in the strike of Liptak family. Finishing first in A3 secured victory in one-ten pancar class. First two finals however came to Roman Krejci and Martin Zvara though. At the end points declared Igor to won the race in front of Roman and Martin. Marek Helbich finished fourth and Radovan Konopik was fifth.

Formula 1: Lukas Hoch did not have a clear view from his cockpit. Andreas Stiebler took the TQ position, but did not manage to stay ahead of Lukas. His main rival passed him in each final and secured the overall victory. Herbert Weber finished second and Andreas Stiebler was third. Simon Horak crossed the line as fourth overall and Thomas Dvorszky completed the TOP5.

Stock: Oliver Havranek had to fight with fast drivers from Poland. Mostly it was Blazej Orlowski who had a great setup and was able to keep the gap to Oli very close. However, run by run Oli increased his speed and confidence. Blazej Orlowski had to satisfy himself with second position and Karel Kratochvil took the third spot.  Marton Toth grabbed home fourth place right ahead of Radko Cernohous.

Modified: Another class full of ups and downs brought almost everything but not peaceful final heats. Attractive track layout helped as well and there was no lack overtakes and crashes. Despite all this stuff, top of the field remained the same. Zdenko Kunak secured his TQ position and brought home deserved victory. Oliver Havranek managed to keep up Zdenko´s pace and took the second spot. Right behind him finished Jakub Rozycki. Andreas Stiebler moved himself up to fourth position ahead of Matej Sulc.